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I am giving away 5 pairs of earrings to the first 5 people who comment with the name of the pair of the earrings they want (for free) and a like at the end of this blog. It is as simple as that. Wherever you are in the world I will post you a pair of earrings.

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Unsatisfactory, Jewellery & Madness!




After months of serious family illness, OFSTED claiming we are unsatisfactory at school and the general feeling of where is my life going at the age of 46 I decided to put myself out there. I have started my own jewellery business. I like to make things and fell onto this by accident. I made myself a pair of earrings, loved them and kept making them. I had so many thought I could sell these. I can sit for hours just making them but had to stop myself and set up a website, take photographs, design business cards and set up Facebook and Twitter accounts. Easy peasy you’d think. When I went online I had a couple of orders and even though I post everyday, I have lots of wonderful comments on Facebook they are not transferring into sales. I have come to the conclusion you can have the most amazing Product and great functioning website but I now need a way to get my Brand out there. I have decided I’m in this marketing lark for the long haul so am not panicking about Christmas and in the New Year will start to find different ways to get seen and known. However if anyone has any advice for me I would be so grateful. My marketing budget is zero but I will not give up. In January I will set up a blog for my Jewellery but for the time being I will just carry on posting and researching how to get my brand seen. If I love what I make someone else out there will I just need to connect with them. I would also really appreciate any feedback about my earrings and my website. Every Little Helps and so does a slight touch of madness!

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Business, Creativity & Christmas Gifts!


I didn’t realise I had a passion for earrings until I made a pair for myself.

I had grown my hair long and had began to tie it up for work. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought how an amazing pair of earrings would really cheer up my drab 40 something face.
I had recently been mourning the loss of a silver small hoop earring that I thought was particularly stylish in an understated way. I went back to the jewellers to see if I could get a replacement pair but the styles had changed and the cost of a new silver pair was £40. It seemed the cost of silver had rocketed since I was last jewellery shopping. Considering I had just lost one earring, the thought of £20 dropping out of my ear made me leave the shop empty handed. Having said that, I became desperate and would have paid £40 for the perfect match. For months I searched shops for the ideal pair of earrings, but nothing ever grabbed or moved me enough to part with my hard earned money.
On a day out, walking the dogs, I stumbled over a “hippy” shop and bought the bits and bobs to make my own earrings. The ones I made I instantly fell in love with. They had everything I had been searching the shops and internet for – understated style.
I continued to make my earrings, now having a pair to go with each outfit and mood that I may possibly have. Family and friends then started to comment on my earrings and I would make one-off pairs for them which I felt best suited their look or style. After lots of hours of earring making, I then realised I actually now had a portfolio of fine-looking earrings and decided to start marketing them to a wider audience. My thinking behind this was that if I struggled to buy things I loved, other people may just appreciate my earrings. Hence the start up of Unexample Jewellery.
I have always had a creative gene in me. I paint and draw for my own enjoyment, not very well but I find it very therapeutic. I teach art to primary school juniors and am passionate about art and design and the joy that comes with producing something unique. On a personal level, I always need to be creating and producing something and my earrings are my artistic outlet.
Each pair of earrings is made from a feeling and vision I have when I pick up the raw materials. I will put an earring together and dismantle it and remake it several times until I look at it and think, “That is exactly what I want”, and I actually want to keep it for myself. My beads are clay, glass, resin, plastic and metals, although I am more concerned with colour and shape than the actual raw materials I use.
My vision is to branch out and make necklaces and bracelets.
Unexample Jewellery isn’t just jewellery it is my passion and my future. Being able to wake up every morning and your job is your passion, now that is what Unexample Jewellery is for me.
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Love, Life & What Happened!

20131006-101934.jpgI feel lost at the moment. I am 45 and feel like a frightened child, which in effect I suppose I am.
My daily blog has just gone to pot. So much has been happening that I haven’t had the time or thinking space to write.
About 6 weeks ago my dad was taken into hospital after collapsing with low blood pressure, he had an intestinal internal bleed. For a moment I was worried but they cauterised the bleeds, gave him a blood transfusion and within the week he was home, although slightly tired. Over the next week be got his strength back and his colour returned.
On that Thursday my mum collapsed with a stroke while taking my three year old niece to the library (lots of amazing people helped with her while they got dad and an ambulance). She was in hospital within 45 minutes and was being treated. When I arrived her whole right side had collapsed and she looked very poorly. However within a week, hour by hour and day by day she was improving and the day they let her out of hospital her mouth was drooping but she could walk and didn’t need any modifications at home. Her recovery was miraculous in the scheme of things.
On the Tuesday of the week of her return she had a fall and broke her hip. She is now in hospital with a long road ahead of her in recovery.
Work is getting more stressful by the day. We have school inspectors and advisors all over the place each contradicting one another. I have a school governor wanting to change the school website, although ours is actually okay and serves its function well, which I do. The man is crazy sending spider diagrams about the website stakeholders. He retired early and has too much time on his hands and has no appreciation that that is only a very small fraction of my job.
I am currently helping my son look at Universities for next year.
We are now back to a hospital visiting rota for the evenings and weekends and personally I am running around like a blue arsed fly.
Nobody told me life gets harder as you get older.
I can’t believe that my mum has aged 20 years in a matter of days. I can’t believe on top of daily life how much has changed. One minute you know exactly what’s happening on a daily basis and the next the next you don’t have time to think about what’s for dinner.
I am exhausted with having 6 people in the house, with the extra demands at work, with after work hospital visits and the constant worry of what the future will bring and trying to keep some semblance of normality at home for everyone.
I am not moaning at all just reeling in shock about the past six weeks or so.
Hopefully now I am back on the blog spot I will continue next week. Some nice stuff has happened as well but the serious stuff has just overwhelmed it. Perhaps writing about that will give me a bit of balance back.

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